Огнеупорная смесь DURACON 32

LCF 384A is a low-moisture, low-cement, alumina-based castable designed for ladles, induction furnace structural components, and for producing precast shapes. Typical applications for this product include iron ladles, launder systems, coreless furnace push-out plugs and rings, electric arc furnace delta sections, ladle metallurgy furnaces, and ladle treatment covers.

LCF 384A offers the following benefits and features:
• resistant to thermal shock conditions;
• excellent hot and cold strengths;
• outstanding spall resistance.

Product Information:

• material required 2.72 g/cm3;
• grain size 6 mm and finer;
• maximum practical use temperature 1705 °C.

Density °C (°F) г/см3кг/м3pcf
150°C (300°F)2.632630164
540°C (1000°F)2.632630164
980°C (1800°F)2.632630164
1480°C (2700°F)2.552550159
Permanent linear change%  
150°C (300°F)0.0  
540°C (1000°F)0.0  
980°C (1800°F)-0.1  
1480°C (2700°F)0.7  
Modulus of ruptureMPaкг/см2psi
150°C (300°F)6.869.6990
540°C (1000°F)7.172.81035
980°C (1800°F)11.5118.11680
1480°C (2700°F)12.355.21785
Cold crushing strengthMPaкг/см2psi
760°C (1400°F)34.5351.55000
980°C (1800°F)48.3496.37000
1480°C (2700°F)62.1632.79000

Chemical analysis:


Packaging information:

packaged in 25kg (55-lb.) multi-wall paper bags. Palletized 64 bags (1600 kgs or 3520 lbs.) per 42 x 42 pallet protected with stretch wrap. Also available in bulk bag packaging. Storage beyond 6 months is not recommended. Store in a dry location to avoid moisture pickup.

Set times & water requirements:
• water required 6,5-7%;
• working time up to 45 minutes;
• initial set 1 – 3 hours;
• final set 3 – 6 hours.