Our company pays huge attention to quality and technological effectiveness of the applied fire-resistant materials, also references and technical maintenance are very important for us. Therefore, we try to work only with producers (manufacturers of refractories), which conform to these requirements.

So a long-term partner of our company is "Luyang Unifrax Trading Company Limited" (People's Republic of China) which products are in demand more than in 60 countries of the world, including the countries of the European Union, the USA, Japan and Australia. The volume of production is 100 000 tons per year. More than 2200 employees work at a floor space of 1 000 000 square meters. The corporation includes 6 affiliated enterprises. The company founded in 1984, uses modern innovation technologies by production of ceramic fiber and products on its basis, it possesses 45 patents and 28 scientific and technical achievements. It allows to make quality products and with competitive price. And the internal quality standards of the company are recognized by national standards for all producers of high-temperature isolation and refractory materials based on ceramic fiber.

"Morgan Advanced Materials" (EU) - a leader of production of high-temperature heat-insulating and fire-resistant materials. The company possesses 34 plants and 50 representations located in the world. The number of the working employees exceeds 3000 people. All productions are automated for the purpose of achievement of the maximum quality of the made products. The company makes practically all range of  high-temperature heat-insulating and fire-resistant materials: mats (blankets), boards, blocks, paper based on ceramic fiber, bricks, concrete, mortar and many other things. Materials are presented in a wide range of sizes, density, temperature conditions, etc., that allows to apply it to the solution of technical tasks of thermal isolation and lining most fully. And quality of the made refractory materials and high-temperature isolation conforms to the highest European standards.

"Allied Mineral Products" (the USA, the Netherlands) - the large international company (it is founded in 1961), one of leaders in development and production of monolithic refractory materials and finished products. 9 refractory plants "Allied Mineral Products" are in 7 countries of the world, including in the Netherlands. The company makes and delivers to more than 85 countries of the world fire-resistant mixes of the highest quality thanks to very strict selection of raw materials and modern production techniques.

"HASLE Refractories" (Denmark) - the large company (it is founded in 1843) on production of ready fire-resistant mixes and previously made segments for the cement and overworking industries and also metallurgy. The plant and the central office are in Denmark, two official representations - are in India and Thailand. The products are exported to more than 50 countries of the world. Important feature of work with "HASLE Refractories", in addition to quality products, is the shortest time of its delivery.


"ECTP Refractories" (Belgium) - the family company (it is founded in 1925), at which plant make high-quality fire-resistant concrete for metallurgy, the aluminum and cement industries. On the area of 10 000 sq.m let out about 900 types of fire-resistant mixes (36 000 t a year). Work of "ECTP Refractories" differs in high service at all stages of cooperation.



"Iris" (France) - a company, whose plant is located in the north of France, offers a huge selection of fire-resistant fasteners of very high quality.


Also our company is the official distributor in the territory of Ukraine of a liquid ceramic thermal insulation material "TSM Ceramic".