Full cycle energy service company

The uniqueness of our company is based on the fact that we offer complex solution for construction, reconstruction and technical re-equipment of furnaces, steam and hot-water boilers and other processing equipment on the basis of the advanced world practices (applying of the innovative engineering solutions, materials and equipment).


We created powerful engineering center with the research data base, whose tasks include a rendering complex of engineering services and implementation of the most effective energy saving materials and equipment, the advanced innovative technical solutions. The research data base is constantly filled with information on the most modern materials and equipment, and also information of technical innovations in the design, construction, reconstruction and technical re-equipment of thermal units of any complexity. Our engineers are regularly trained and interact with specialists of the leading producers of materials and equipment, attend different seminars, exhibitions and thematic conferences.


Materials and equipment supply from our company - it is an opportunity to receive the best service from one hands. We’ll offer the most suitable materials and equipment for your solution on the basis of long-term experience of application and operation. With the help of our logistics dept. we’ll optimize transport expenses, carry out supply of materials and the equipment from Europe, Asia and the USA in the best way. Today our company is capable to satisfy qualitatively and quickly the majority of needs for supplies of materials and equipment in the following main directions:

  1. Refractories, technical and refractory ceramics and fasteners
  2. Burner equipment
  3. Heaters
  4. Equipment for instrumentation and automation


Our installation department performs works on construction, reconstruction and technical re-equipment, and also service of thermal units, such as: furnaces, steam boilers, turbines, gas flues, tanks and other processing equipment, including method of industrial mountaineering (thermal isolation of industrial equipment, mounting/dismantle of different designs, inspection of objects, etc.). "Inventum Ukraine" provides the complex of services in the following industries: chemical and petrochemical, power generation, ferrous and color (aluminum production) metallurgy, mechanical engineering and many others. We also perform "turnkey" solutions, as EPC contactor.

Advantages of modernization

costs for energy carriers
reduction up to 70%
observance of the  norms of labor protection
short term of pay-back period of the project
from 6 months
high level of safety
fire and environmental safety
high performance indicators of heat equipment efficiency
including cost reduction