The main types of work that we perform in these industries:
design, manufacture, supply, installation, start-up and commissioning of various types of furnaces (thermal, heating, gas, electric and others);
reconstruction, overhaul, repair of various types of furnaces (ring, roller, muffle, chamber, resistance furnaces, etc.);
repair and replacement of furnace lining;
repair and modernization of heating systems.




System import

Do you need confidence in the quality and constant availability of the necessary refractories? Distribution from global manufacturers


Express delivery of refractories

Do you need the products
immediately? Production has been brought to a standstill?
Same-day shipping


Large warehouse stocks

More than 5000 units of large refractory products in one place - mats, boards, fasteners, mixes, bricks and much more!


Technical calculation

Don’t know what kind and how many refractory products do you need? How are they applied? Technical calculation is free of charge!



Download a Brief on work execution

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