The construction of industrial furnaces is a complex, labor-intensive industry based on expertise, experience and administration of:
development of design estimate documentation;
installation work;
commissioning process;
warranty and post-warranty service.
The availability of the appropriate equipment and permits is also a prerequisite.
Inventum has the following expertise, experience and administration:
our own engineering center (diagnostics, development of design solutions and design estimate documentation, training from leading world manufacturers, attending international trade fairs, etc.);
12 years of experience in various industries (metallurgy, energy, petrochemistry, mechanical engineering, etc.) in Ukraine, CIS countries, Poland;
cooperation of departments (engineering, procurement, logistics, building and construction department, etc.).
This has resulted in the implementation of over 230 projects. You can find descriptions and photos of the work performed by our specialists in the "Projects" section, as well as the customer reviews.
Inventum offers construction of industrial furnaces and furnace units of various types from scratch. In confirmation of this and, as an example, you can see a detailed description of the construction work of a furnace for firing graphite electrodes performed by us.



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