The importance of high-quality lining of thermal units has been known for a long time and there is a huge amount of information on this topic, including on our website. We only note that the main load (high temperature, aggressive chemical environment, mechanical stress and other factors) falls on the lining during the operation of the heating unit. And the efficiency of thermal equipment depends entirely on how strong, heat-resistant, energy-efficient and maintainable the lining will be. Therefore, the customer faces 3 main questions when solving problems related to the installation of a lining (new) or repair of the lining of thermal equipment:
selection of the most suitable technical solution;
choice of materials for lining;
selection of the contractor for the installation of the lining.
Inventum solves all 3 of the above tasks, providing the customer with a full range of services. Our procurement department will cope with the task of selecting materials, our engineering center will help with the selection of a technical solution, and our installation department will help with the installation of the lining. When solving the first two problems, customers study the proposals in sufficient detail and are ready to buy high-quality materials and technical solutions, but they often save money on the installation of the lining. But only the choice of a professional contractor will help to efficiently implement design solutions and not spoil the work of the selected materials and equipment, but, on the contrary, make the most of their properties.
It should be noted that a fundamentally important point in the work of our company is the experience of interaction with specialists from the world's leading manufacturers of refractory products. This is important, first of all, because with the correct selection and installation of innovative lining materials (for example, the so-called "lightweight refractory" based on ceramic fibers), it is possible to achieve better performance and energy savings during the operation of thermal equipment (up to 70%).
Inventum has the necessary equipment, permits and extensive experience in the installation of refractory lining:
industrial furnaces;
heat generators;
drying drums;
tuyere nozzles of blast furnaces;
gas ducts;
SIO beams;
skid pipes;
air ducts;
gutters of the casting yard;
covers of steel-pouring ladles;
doors of coke oven batteries;
reversing chambers;
drying conveyors;
heaters, including tubular heaters, etc.
This is confirmed by customer feedback. You can also find the description and photos of the lining works performed by our specialists in the "Projects" section.



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