Over the 12 years of construction, modernization and repairs of furnaces, boilers and other equipment in various industries, Inventum has repeatedly faced challenges requiring non-standard individual solutions, materials and equipment. More specifically: 
production of refractories, including modular blocks based on ceramic fibers of non-standard sizes;
production of refractory blocks (precasts) for various purposes and configurations (selection and supply of refractory concrete, formwork production, drying and firing in a heat-treatment furnace);
production of blast nozzles for blast furnaces (selection and delivery of refractory concrete, production of a metal body, concrete pouring using internal formwork, drying and firing of finished products);
production of burner blocks and curb stones;
production of electric heaters (using spiral heating elements made of a special “Resist” alloy on ceramic tubes MCR);
production of individual lining of ladle lids;
production of control cabinets and power cabinets;
metal structures for various purposes and more.



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