The tasks of the Inventum engineering center include providing comprehensive engineering services on construction, reconstruction, modernization or repair of industrial furnaces, boilers and other power equipment. 
We carry out:
design at the stages of technical, commercial and tender proposals;
development of the entire set of design and engineering documentation;
development of installation drawings, installation and operation instructions, the automatic control system tasks, dimensioning specifications, as well as all the necessary documentation for general design;
engineering preparation of production: development of work organization projects, standard flow diagrams, work plan and technological instructions;
optimization of design solutions developed by other design organizations in order to reduce the capital and maintenance costs of the customer.
Our specialists introduce advanced technical solutions at the design stage, for example, modern energy-efficient materials and equipment. This allows us to:
achieve a higher degree of reliability and durability of equipment;
reduce energy consumption; 
reduce emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere;
reduce costs of manufactured products; 
shorten the payback period of projects, etc.
The successful implementation of the tasks described above and carried out by our company is possible thanks to the work of an experienced well-coordinated team that constantly improves their knowledge, has a research base, including dedicated software, attends industry exhibitions around the world, consults and performs the design of industrial furnaces, boilers and other power equipment, under the supervision of leading manufacturers of materials and equipment.
It should also be noted that since the company establishment, more than 230 projects have been successfully implemented. At the same time, the customer often required a full range of services, including the design of industrial furnaces for their modernization (see sections "Projects" and "Reviews").



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