The process of industrial furnace lining is a complex process of protecting their surfaces (hearth, walls, furnace vault) from mechanical damage and, most importantly, from the physical effects of high operating temperatures and chemical attack.  
In terms of modern technologies, furnace lining at the planning stage involves professional engineering calculation and selection of appropriate refractory materials not only in each specific industry (metallurgy, fuel, energy, chemical and others), type and area of the furnace, but also with the aim to solve a specific technical problem. 
Heat-protective (protecting the surface area from heat radiation and not retaining heat inside the working area) materials for furnace lining are mainly used. Refractory bricks that are widely and traditionally used as facing material, are not always convenient and rational to use. The modernization involves lining industrial furnaces with products based on ceramic fibers which are more resistant to high temperatures and their fluctuations (up to 1600 C), and in comparison with refractory brick, the furnace lining is also several times lighter. For example, modern furnace vault lining is often made of ceramic fiber refractory blocks rather than refractory brick arch vaults.
A well-made furnace lining minimizes damage (melting, formation of a glassy mass on the masonry surface, cracking, loosening, deformation), ensuring energy efficiency and durability.
Inventum offers a full range of services for the reconstruction and technical re-equipment of industrial furnaces and other furnace units. This includes the design, selection and supply of modern equipment and materials, including lining materials for furnaces, and installation. The company provides the customer with high quality work at all stages, as it has a staff of qualified specialists, extensive experience, the required high-performance equipment and warranty obligations.



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