An important factor when choosing a contractor for the construction, reconstruction, re-equipment or repair of industrial furnaces, boilers and other power equipment is the ability to provide warranty and post-warranty service.
Such service allows:
to use the applied innovative materials and equipment as efficiently as possible, that is, to achieve the project targets of the heating units in the process of modernization or under construction;
extend the service life of the equipment;
significantly reduce repair costs and downtime of heating units;
reduce the payback period of the project and much more.


Inventum offers warranty and post-warranty service for industrial equipment in the process of modernization or under construction, including:

routine maintenance;
preventive work;
scheduled and urgent repairs;
maintenance diagnostics;
It should be noted that our company maintains a large stock of refractory materials. This often allows you to avoid prolonged equipment downtime during urgent repairs and is an important factor when choosing a contractor for warranty and post-warranty service.



System import

Do you need confidence in the quality and constant availability of the necessary refractories? Distribution from global manufacturers


Express delivery of refractories

Do you need the products
immediately? Production has been brought to a standstill?
Same-day shipping


Large warehouse stocks

More than 5000 units of large refractory products in one place - mats, boards, fasteners, mixes, bricks and much more!


Technical calculation

Don’t know what kind and how many refractory products do you need? How are they applied? Technical calculation is free of charge!



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