There is a huge amount of information on the relevance of using high-quality high-temperature insulation of industrial equipment (boilers, gas ducts, pipelines and steam lines, tanks and other power equipment), as well as on our website. The main tasks set by the customer when installing industrial thermal insulation are:
reduction of heat losses;
compliance with labor standards;
the cost of materials and work.
As in the case of the installation of the lining, the customer has to choose:
what kind of thermal insulation materials to use;
what technology;
who will carry out the installation of thermal insulation.
Very often in our practice, the customer underestimates the importance of all 3 of the above factors: he buys cheap, ineffective materials, uses outdated technical solutions and saves money, that way the quality of the work performed suffers.
A competent approach to these issues will make it possible to achieve significant improvements in the operation of equipment:
reduction of heat losses;
achievement and improvement of the mentioned parameters of the equipment operation;
compliance with labor standards;
achievement of fire and environmental safety;
cost savings during the further operation of the equipment.
It should be noted that work on the installation of thermal insulation of boiler and turbine and auxiliary power equipment often requires the ability to carry out work by the method of industrial mountaineering and processing of metal structures. Inventum has climbing equipment, a large area of scaffolding, a gunning machine, welding equipment, sheet bending machines and other specialized equipment, appropriate permits, including a building license. And of course, the staff of our company includes specialists with extensive experience in the installation of high-temperature industrial insulation:
boiler drums;
electrostatic precipitators and bag filters;
steam pipelines, product pipelines and pipelines;
gas ducts;
pigtails and gas collectors;
gas turbines, steam turbines;
skid pipes;
SIO beams;
tanks and containers;
cooling columns;
loading chambers;
drying, pulp drying drums;
discharge hoppers;
smoke exhausters and chimneys, etc.
Photos and descriptions of the work performed can be found in the "Projects" section.



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