The next stage of the project is selection, manufacture and supply of equipment and materials for the construction, modernization or repair of furnaces, boilers and other equipment:
refractories, technical and refractory ceramics, textiles and fasteners;
thermal insulation materials;
combustion equipment;
instrumentation and control equipment; 
metal structures and much more.
The main tasks of the supply department are:
minimization of the customer's costs when purchasing materials and equipment, applying the principle of the best price-quality ratio of the selected equipment;
shorter delivery time.
For example, there are situations of urgent repair of equipment. In this case, the customer is forced to wait a long time for the delivery of materials, which leads to equipment downtime and financial losses.
Inventum solves such customer problems by:
providing a high level of warehouse, transport and customs logistics;
maintaining a large and high-quality volume of warehouse stocks;
concluding of long-term direct contracts with the world's leading manufacturers of materials and equipment.
Our company maintains a large stock of refractory products (over 3500 units of refractory products):
mats based on ceramic fiber;
boards based on ceramic fiber;
modules based on ceramic fiber;
textiles based on ceramic fibers; 
the most commonly used refractory mixtures (e.g. Blakite, well-proven refractory mortar).
These reserves make it possible to meet the needs of customers not only during urgent repairs, but also during the full-fledged construction or reconstruction of furnaces and power equipment. It should be noted that our company is the leader in terms of sales of lightweight refractory materials based on ceramic fiber in Ukraine.
Over the 12 years of work, Inventum has established strong business ties with most of the world's leading manufacturers of high-temperature materials and specialized equipment and is an official distributor and importer of (see certificates):
"Luyang Unifrax Trading Company Limited" (PRC); 
"Morgan Advanced Materials" (EU); 
"ECTP Refractories" (Belgium); 
"Allied Mineral Products" (USA).
Also, our long-standing partners in the supply of refractories and fasteners are:
"Hasle" (Denmark); 
"Silicon" (Netherlands); 
"Iris" (France).
Combustion equipment:
"ESA Pyronics Int" (Italy); 
"Kromschroder" (Germany).
"Kanthal" (Sweden).
Instrumentation and control equipment:
"Siemens" (Germany); 
"Schneider Electric" (France) and others.
It should be noted that often the customer does not even know what specific materials, equipment and in what amount he needs to solve problems. In this case, our design department conducts free diagnostics of the object, required calculations, if necessary, consults with the specialists of the manufacturer and provides the customer with a technical and commercial proposal, and the procurement department carries out the kitting.
Inventum specialists regularly visit international industry exhibitions to study research results and best world practices, as well as new energy-efficient materials and equipment.




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