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Conversion of a steam boiler to work on coal

Within 4 month our specialists have implemented a unique for our country project to resume the operation of the CHP boiler unit for coal fuel.

Reconstruction of a furnace

The company's specialists developed and implemented a project for the comprehensive reconstruction of thermal gas furnace with a 1-tonne load.

The furnace upgrading

For several months our staff has carried out the refurbishment of the thermal heating gas furnace and its upgrading.

Upgrading of a thermal chamber furnace

The upgrading of a thermal chamber furnace (200 tons) has included the replacement of refractory lining of walls, a roof, loading windows and chimney boxes of the chamber furnace, gas burners upgrading, commissioning and development of a new process flow diagram.

Upgrading of the thermal roller furnace with further lining replacement to a modern one

In 2017, our specialists have completed upgrading of the thermal roller furnace, with further lining replacement to the modern (lightweight) one.

Manufacture and lining of tuyere nozzles by the low-cement refractory concrete

In 2017 "Inventum Ukraine" company completed an order for the manufacturing and supplying of 23 tuyere nozzles for blowing in the pulverized coal into the blast furnace.

Refurbishing of thermal insulation (lining of beams) of the bottom beams SIO PSHB

In 2016-2017 the specialists of "Inventum Ukraine" carried out a set of works on restoration of thermal insulation of the SIO PSHB bottom beams by the refractory concrete.

Lining of arch of tunnel furnace by modular blocks

The specialists of our company had modernized the refractory lining of the arch of the tunnel furnace by modular blocks based on ceramic fiber.

Repair of lining of the heat treatment furnace with using heat-insulating blocks

In 2017, the mounting department of the our company, executed repair of lining of a back wall and the roof of the heat treatment furnace.

Modernization of lining and heat insulation of the furnace reforming

For the purpose of energy resources saving, specialists of our company have upgraded the furnace of primary reforming.