Manufacture and supply of tuyere nozzles for the blast furnace
Inventum Ukraine produced and installed lining for various modifications of tuyere nozzles for a steel mill.
Overhaul with modernization of the continuous furnace
Inventum Ukraine performed a set of works aimed to reduce gas consumption and improving the energy efficiency of a special pre heating furnace, increasing the level of occupational safety for personnel, and also reducing the level of environmental pollution in 2018.
Lining of water-cooled pipe in continuous furnace
In order to reduce the heat losses in the evaporative beam cooling system, our company specialists implemented a project to remove an old lining from of water-cooled pipes (as part of the overhaul of the pre heating furnace).
Major repairs of the refractory lining in the firing machine
In 2018, specialists of the installation department performed a major repairs of the refractory lining of the pellet in firing machine.
Recovery of lining for the ring furnace with rotary bottom
At the beginning of 2019, our specialists successfully completed a project to restore the lining of a rotary hearth kiln furnace. We have carried out a comprehensive supply of refractory materials, as well as the work on the dismantling and subsequent restoration of the lining.
Modernization of the electric furnace for burning enamel
Inventum Ukraine LTD has carried out a full range of works for the modernization of the electric enamel furnace (replacement of lining, installation of heating elements, restoration of metal structures, partial repair and restoration of the recovery system, installation of process equipment, and we have performed a set of commissioning).
Reconstruction of the furnace lining of the drying conveyor
In 2018, in order to achieve significant savings in energy costs, our specialists reconstructed the lining of a thermal furnace.
Overhaul of bogie hearth furnace with upgrading
In order to reduce energy costs, our company undertook the overhaul with upgrading of the bogie hearth furnace with upgrading.
Conversion of a steam boiler to work on coal
Within 4 month our specialists have implemented a unique for our country project to resume the operation of the CHP boiler unit for coal fuel.
Reconstruction of a furnace
The company's specialists developed and implemented a project for the comprehensive reconstruction of thermal gas furnace with a 1-tonne load.