Thanks to the staff of highly qualified specialists of our engineering center, Inventum provides services for the development of design solutions and documentation for construction, reconstruction, modernization or repair of industrial furnaces and heat-power equipment.
Based on the results of the facility diagnostics carried out by our specialists, as well as the initial data and the technical assignment of the customer, our design engineers develop a feasibility study for the construction, reconstruction, modernization or repair of equipment. Inventum specialists apply the world's best practices and materials to achieve high levels of energy efficiency, durability, safety and quality of industrial furnaces, boilers and other power equipment. The company has dedicated software, and also has the opportunity to consult with the world's leading manufacturers of materials and equipment for the construction and re-equipment of thermal generating units at different stages of design development. At the end of this stage of work (development of design solutions), Inventum specialists provide the customer with a technical and commercial proposal free of charge.



System import

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Express delivery of refractories

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Large warehouse stocks

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Technical calculation

Don’t know what kind and how many refractory products do you need? How are they applied? Technical calculation is free of charge!



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