Lining of boilers and boiler equipment is an internal protection with refractory materials from high temperatures, their fluctuations and chemically aggressive reagents. The structure should be heat-resistant, mechanically strong, airtight, with low thermal conductivity and, if possible, easy to install (reducing time and labor costs).
The boiler lining should also be noted. It includes the external high-temperature protection of the boiler, which separates the furnace and gas ducts from the external environment (it can be performed with refractory brick or concrete).
Combustion processes in boilers at given temperatures depend on the quality of lining of the boiler furnace, since an insufficient thermal barrier reduces the return of thermal calories, the heat released is lost with other gases. The thickness of the lining will depend on the thermal conductivity characteristics of the selected materials and their correct use.
Modernization and repair, including lining, brick setting of the boiler and boiler equipment, requires a high level of expertise, high-tech materials, special equipment and experience. Calculation of heat engineering data and selection of the most optimal, in terms of efficiency, quality and price, refractory materials will improve heat accumulation, durability and chemical resistance of the boiler lining during operation.
Inventum applies advanced technologies and materials, as well as many years of experience that significantly improve the performance of boiler and turbine and auxiliary power equipment:
steam and water heating boilers;
gas ducts;
auxiliary equipment.
In confirmation of this and as an example of modernization of boilers and boiler equipment, you can see a detailed description of our work on overhaul of the incinerator boiler, including shotcreting with refractory concrete and thermal insulation of boiler elements.



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