Very often one of the main requirements of the customer during the construction, reconstruction or modernization of industrial furnaces, boilers and other heating equipment is the execution of turnkey works. This also includes dismantling of equipment, dismantling of metal structures, dismantling of the lining and combustion equipment, etc. 
This process has its own specifics and requires certain skills and knowledge. Dismantling work is associated with increased danger, labor intensity and certain difficulties, e.g. the necessity to work in a confined space and / or carrying out other work on the site at the same time. Therefore, experience, knowledge and compliance with labor standards are important factors when choosing a contractor for this type of work. Inventum possesses such knowledge and experience in carrying out dismantling works, as well as the appropriate permits.
It should be noted that in order to carry out dismantling work of thermal equipment and structures, it is often necessary to perform technical calculations and develop design estimates. We provide such services thanks to our own engineering center.
Inventum carries out installation of metal structures during the construction, reconstruction and modernization of industrial furnaces, boilers and other power equipment, including works at heights. To carry out this type of work, our company has:
a staff of high-altitude installers with extensive experience in the installation of metal structures, including by the method of industrial mountaineering;
specialized equipment, including equipment for metal processing, large area of scaffolding, etc.;
climbing equipment and personal protective equipment;
appropriate permits and admission groups to carry out this type of work, as well as a building license.
The company's specialists carry out the installation of metal structures by connecting bolts and rivets or by welding.
It should also be noted that Inventum provides the customer with a full range of services for the construction and re-equipment of heating units, installation of technological equipment, which is an important factor in achieving a high-quality result. Thanks to the cooperation of the company's departments, installers can most accurately and on time complete the work according to the developed project documentation and in accordance with the work plan. Description and photos of the work performed by our company, including the installation of metal structures, can be found under the link «Projects».



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