Diagnostics is one of the first and very important stages when carrying out works on construction, reconstruction, modernization or repair of industrial furnaces and heat-power equipment (boilers, turbines, gas ducts, tanks, etc.). At the stage of diagnostics, it is necessary to determine the current state of the unit, including:
the state of steel structures;
the state of lining;
the state of the combustion equipment; 
compliance with design documentation;
performance indicators;
the level of energy consumption and heat losses.
All this is necessary so that at the next stages of construction, reconstruction or modernization, repair, modern technologies and materials can be applied most effectively and taking into account all design features. This will allow to:
obtain high performance of thermal equipment;
achieve a short payback period of investment;
significantly save customer’s money. 
For example, based on our experience in modernization of batch furnaces, the payback period is 6-9 months on average.
As you can see, diagnostics of industrial equipment (furnaces, boilers, etc.) is a very important stage, and the durability, quality, efficiency and safety of equipment after construction, reconstruction, re-equipment or repair will depend on how professionally it is performed. Inventum has been performing this work for many years, has a staff of qualified professionals, appropriate equipment and software. It should also be noted that we carry out the diagnostics of industrial furnaces and heat-power equipment free of charge and, of course, with the supervision of our specialists on site. 



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