Modernization of industrial furnaces and other furnace units is one of the most demanded services when working with this type of equipment. There are a number of explanations for this:
increase of efficiency and productivity of furnaces after modernization;  
reduction of production costs, including due to reduced energy consumption, downtime, compliance with labor standards;
significantly lower capital investments than in the case of construction from scratch.
Inventum has the capabilities and extensive experience of many years of modernization, reconstruction and complex re-equipment of industrial furnaces and other furnace units on the Ukrainian market. This is confirmed by the numerous feedbacks on the modernization results. 
The range of such services includes:
application of prefabricated, multilayer, composite lining with modern non-shape and piece refractory materials, including lightweight materials based on ceramic fiber (modules, mats, boards, textiles, and others);
usage of modern heating systems from leading world manufacturers: combustion systems for impulse gas combustion, flat-flame, recuperative, regenerative, with heating radiant tubes, electric highly efficient heaters and others;
development and installation of instrumentation and control equipment that provide automatic tracking of thermal modes, control of flame parameters, control of the entire production process, its online adjustment and alignment; 
the possibility of including the furnace control system in the information network of a work division and remote control of the processes.
Over 12 years the company has performed modernization of:
thermal furnaces;
heating furnaces;
resistance furnaces
continuous furnaces;
blast furnaces;
roller furnaces;
chamber furnaces;
walking-beam furnaces;
rotary kilns;
ring furnaces;
muffle furnaces;
gas furnaces;
electric furnaces;
lime kilns;
reforming furnaces;
holding furnaces;
separation recovery furnaces;
aluminum smelting furnaces;
kilns, including carbon billet kilns / graphite electrode kilns and others;
roasting machines;
coke oven batteries;
the drying conveyor.




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