Inventum has extensive experience in modernization, reconstruction and comprehensive re-equipment of power-generating facilities on the Ukrainian market. We employ top-notch professionals in the power field: from Chief Project Engineers, structural designers, heating engineers to experienced locksmiths, installers, welders, service technicians, etc.
The range of services includes:
diagnostics of power-generating facilities; 
development of design solutions, including their 3D modeling;
development of project documentation and cost estimation;
reconstruction, re-equipment, modernization of industrial boilers, turbines, cleaning and other power equipment (dismantling works, installation of metal structures, various equipment, including heating equipment, automatic control systems and instrumentation, brick setting, lining, thermal insulation, etc.).
The efficiency of modernization of boiler-turbine and auxiliary power equipment, including achievement of more effective exhaust gas conditioning and improvement of environmental performance, is achieved by:
optimization of heat balance diagrams of power plants, taking into account the required thermal and electrical loads and increased power production;
carrying out maintenance work and resource replacement of equipment units with simultaneous improvement of performance indicators due to avoiding equivalent replacements and equipping with more advanced units;
technical re-equipment of combined heat and power plants and thermal power stations by introducing new boiler designs, special reconstruction measures, such as adding gas turbines to the existing steam turbine part, etc.
Within 12 years of modernization of boiler-turbine and auxiliary power equipment in Ukraine we have performed:
modernization of boilers (steam and hot water boilers, waste heat boilers, boiler units);
modernization of piping systems and steam pipelines of boiler units binding;
modernization of heaters, including tube heaters;
modernization of gas turbines, steam turbines and generators;
modernization of gas ducts and other power equipment.
This is confirmed by numerous reviews.



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