Сhamotte brick

The production of chamotte bricks is characterized by a special production technology, so it has high distinctive characteristics. This type of brick is well resists not only high temperatures, but also environments with increased concentration of acids and alkalis, it is unaffected to organic solvents.

This is achieved by strict observance of the unique technological process of production of fireclay bricks with retaining the two-phase concept (heating and cooling). And also, a priority in the use of high-quality raw materials in the right composition.

The special high-melting clay is crushed to powder-shaped consistency (called as a chamotte powder), further careful sifting into special containers with the addition of a strictly defined proportion of water, graphite and carbonite powder, and extended grains of quartz. After the repeated mixing the working mass is formed, dried and subjected to high-temperature firing, gradually increasing the temperature in special furnaces, starting from 600, 900, 1100 and up to 1500 0C.

Undoubtedly, nowadays chamotte brick is a clear leader of consumer demand in the domestic market.

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