Refractory mixture TRI-MOR GUNCRETE BFS

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Low iron material with good strength and excellent abrasion and thermal shock resistance (up to 1500 0С).

heat containment applications up to 1500 0С.

Features and benefits:
conventional dense, general purpose castable for temperatures up to 1500 0С. Can be cast, gunned or troweled.

Installation method:
Casting and Gunning.

Instructions for use:
use suitable gunite equipment. Material should be predampened uniformly with approximately 2-3% by weight of clean water in a mechanical mixer before placing into gun. This will reduce rebound and dust. Add required water at nozzle for effective placement.

Data sheet:
prepared using EN BSI and ISO standard Methods.

store bagged monolithics in a dry place, off the ground and, when possible, with the original shrink wrapping intact. 

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