Reflective insulation Folar

Price: on request
* price for Folar type B.

Folar the reflecting isolation (foil insulation) which possesses excellent strength characteristics and heat resistance. Its basis is the reinforcing fibreglass mesh with a cell of 4х4 mm covered from two parties with aluminum foil. Thanks to the reinforcing fibreglass mesh material keeps the properties when heating to 200 0С.

Classification temperature:
from -60 0С to +200 0C

• carries out functions of a thermal barrier;
• carries out the Paro functions - and waterproofings;
• protects from a wind erosion;
• material is ecologically pure (does not contain also allergens are cancerogenic);
• strengthens insulating effect of the main insulating materials (supplements thermal resistance on os/W sq.m R=0,5);
• maintains considerable mechanical loadings in the conditions of environment.

Available types:
• Folar type A - unilateral foiling.
• Folar type B - bilateral foiling.
• Folar type C - unilateral foiling and a glue basis.

roll 1 m wide, 50 m long in polyethylene packing.