Chamotte skew brick ША 68

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The national market is plenty of high-temperature construction materials. High enough chemical and strength characteristics make chamotte bricks one of the most commonly used types of refractory bricks. Chamotte brick is resistant to high temperature values and to aggressive chemicals of combustion products. In addition, chamotte bricks are distinguished by a variety of shapes. This includes chamotte skew brick ША 68. Having a peculiar exact heel-shaped geometry with an inclination angle of 60 degrees, it is technically suitable for a complicated construction masonry process

chamotte refractory brick.

Classification temperature:
maximum temperature up to 1770 0C.

• chamotte brick ША 68  of uniform sand colour (without dark spots), solid, smooth texture with slight roughness and weight 12 kg of 100 grams;
• convenient dimensions in millimeters: 230x230x114x269x70x115 provide easy masonry of different arch structures;
• mechanical strength equals to 10-12 MPa, which does not allow the ША 68  to crumble, and at tapping you can hear a clear (not muffled) sound;
• the effective porosity of  brick ША 68 is 30%;
• temperature values of  fire-resistance of the ША 68 is 1690-1770 0C;
• necessary, that is 30 %, the existence of aluminum oxide in the composition provides protection of  brick  ША 68 brick against harmful chemical influences;
• the percentage of water absorption is constant - no more than 7% (i.e. this brick perfectly retains its qualities in environments with high humidity).

Distinguished by an individual geometrical shape, сhamotte skew brick ША 68 is widely used in the construction of complicated thermal structures of the base of arches and and domes with different radius of arch curvature.