Refractory brick ШЛ 1,3 №5

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Another representative of chamotte bricks ШЛ is ШЛ 1,3 №5. Having rather high mechanical and chemical resistance at high temperatures together with lightweight and high heat preservation data, the offered brick proves also economic reasonability of its implementation. The customer receives a product with a good correlation of quality and price when buying ШЛ 1,3 №5.

lightweight refractory chamotte brick.

Classification temperature:
no more than 1300 0C.

• brick ШЛ 1,3 has a yellowish color, light-roughened texture and rectangular configuration with a mass of 2,1 kg;
• optimal dimensions in millimeters 230x114x65 greatly simplify the process of laying this refractory;
• the apparent density of lightweight brick ШЛ 1,3 №5 is 1,3 g/cm3;
• temperature maximum usage of ШЛ 1,3 №5 up to 1300 0C;
• thermal conductivity does not increase 0,6-0,7 W/m*K;
• two-hour exposure of brick ШЛ 1,3 at 1300 0C is an additional linear shrinkage not exceeding 1%;
• constituting the aluminum oxide part in the lightweight brick ШЛ 1,3 №5 at least 30%, which provides protection against toxic combustion products.

There is a wide and various usage list of lightweight refractory bricks ШЛ 1,3 №5. Lightweight, rectangular shape, with high thermo-insulating properties, brick ШЛ 1.3 №5 significantly reduces the weight and volume dimensions of thermal units, providing a direct arrangement of the open fire zone. It has established itself as a reliable lining and building material for thermo-insulating masonry. ШЛ 1,3 №5 is used in most industrial branches (cement, steel, ceramic, glass-blowing, chemical and others), household construction of fireplaces, chimneys, kitchen fuel furnaces.