Refractory mixture TRI-MOR MIDCAST

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A 1500 0С high alumina castable with excellent working properties, high strength and good abrasion resistance and thermal shock resistance (up to 1500 0С).

excellent general purpose castables for both heat containment and metal contact.

Features and Benefits:
• conventional dense, general purpose, bauxite based castable for temperatures up to 1500 0С.
• superior characteristics have made this product a firm favourite in a vast range of applications worldwide.

Installation method:

Instructions for use:

highest strength is obtained with monolithic refractory by using the least amount of clean mixing water. This will allow thorough working of material into place by vibrating or rodding. A mechanical mixer is required for proper placement (paddle-type mortar mixers are best suited). After achieving a ball-in-hand consistency, mix for >4 minutes. Place material within 30 minutes after mixing.

Data sheet:
prepared using EN BSI and ISO standard Methods.

store bagged monolithics in a dry place, off the ground and, when possible, with the original shrink wrapping intact.

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