Refractory shaped products

High-temperature shaped products (refractory products) are the most technological materials for installation or repair of thermal insulation and lining of energy-intensive industrial equipment. Shaped products are made of a mixture of refractory ceramic fiber by vacuum forming using modern equipment. This material is produced by Morgan Advanced Materials, the European company, which applies advanced developments and innovative technologies in its production.

These refractory products, based on ceramic fiber, are applied if self-retaining rigid materials for high-temperature heat insulation are required. These vacuum moulded articles are often used as a seal.

Main properties of shaped products are as follows: an ability to impart a variety of shapes, high compressive strength, resistance to high temperatures, high density, low shrinkage, easy handling and others. It should be noted that operating temperatures of vacuum moulded articles can vary considerably and directly depend on which base material is used for each particular material. Temperatures range from 1260 0C to 1600 0C.

Due to its excellent thermophysical characteristics, convenient installation and durability, these materials (refractory products) application enables to reduce energy consumption significantly. Vacuum-moulded products took an unique place in the line of materials based on ceramic fiber and outstrip outdated conventional materials (chamotte, asbestos, etc) in all thermophysical parameters.