Refractory modular blocks PYRO-STACK SUPERWOOL XTRA

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Pyro-Stack refractory modular blocks comprise strips of high quality spun fibre blanket, compressed and banded with plastic strips and including two stainless steel tubes mounted transversely through the strips remote from the hot face. They can be anchored to the furnace casing in any one of three standard versions (Y, M and T). In the Y module, the tubes are connected with a central, internal yoke, which includes a stainless steel stud and aluminium extension tube. This version is installed directly onto a metal plate casing, without pre-welding, using the special Pyro Bloc stud gun. It offers the fastest installation rates of any currently available modules. The M module also includes the central yoke, which is fitted onto pre-welded studs using the special M module stud locating equipment. The T module is anchored with a pre-studded, external, side-fix yoke. M and T modules are used where the lining specification calls for either or both a backing blanket and anticorrosion treatment of the casing.

stacked blanket anchored modules.

Classification temperature:
Superwool® XTRA Modules: 1450 0С (EN 1094-1) 2600 0F (ASTM C892-17)

Maximum continuous use temperature:

Superwool® XTRA Fibre: 1300 - 1325 0С (2372 - 2417 0F). The maximum continuous use temperature depends on the application. The wide range of available densities and thicknesses allow for the most effective deployment of the superior thermal characteristics in a wide variety of applications.

Pyro-Stack modules combine some of the features of Pyro-Bloc and convoluted blanket modules:
• the Pyro-Stack module maintains the lightweight, thermal efficiency and resistance to thermal shock, which are characteristic of ceramic fibre linings;
• they share the flexibility of anchorage and ease of installation of the Pyro-Bloc modules the decompression of the blanket gives tightly sealed inter-modular joints;
• the resilience of the blanket can accommodate some flexing of the furnace casing without opening gaps between modules;
• the resilient blanket is resistant to mechanical damage;
• Y Modules – Fast installation. All welds automatically torque tested:
one-step installation;
• M and T Modules – Allow use of backing insulation and casing treatment:
module compression guaranteed. Simple fixing components. Use standard, commercially available welding equipment.

● excellent thermal insulating performances;
● exonerated from any carcinogenic classification under Nota Q of directive 97/69EC, certificate available on request;
● does not form crystalline silica when exposed to high temperatures;
● excellent resistance to chemicals and pollutants, especially alkali metals;
● high thermal coefficient of expansion to counteract shrinkage in operation;
● excellent thermal stability with time;
● low heat storage;
● immune to thermal shock;
● high resistance to erosion when used in stack modules; no damage up to 50 m/sec at 1250 0С (22820F);
● resistant to water and steam;
● good sound absorption.


Physical properties

Superwool® XTRА Pyro-Stack Modules

Classification temperature 0С (0F)

1450 (2600)

Melting point 0С (°F)

1650 (3000)

Typical properties




Density kg/m3 (pcf)

170 (10.6), 192 (12). 210 (13.1)

Modulus of Rupture, Mpa (psi)


High temperature performance


Maximum continuous use temperature 0С (0F) 

1300 - 1325 (2372 - 2417)

Shrinkage 1450 0С (2642 0F) (modified EN 1094-1 method)


Module density availability kg/m3

170 (10.6), 192 (12). 210 (13.1)

Erosion resistance @1250 0С (2282 0F)

no damage up to 50 m/sec

Thermal conductivity W/m.K, (ASTM C-201)
(BTU in/hr ft2 0F) at mean temperature of:

170 kg/m3        192 kg/m3         210 kg/m3

200 0С (390 0F)

 0,08 (0,56)      0,08 (0,56)          0,08 (0,56)

400 0С (750 0F)

 0,11 (0,76)      0,11 (0,76)          0,12 (0,83)

600 0С (1110 0F)

 0,18 (1,25)      0,19 (1,32)          0,19 (1,32)

800 0С (1470 0F)

 0,28 (1,94)      0,29 (2,01)          0,29 (2,01)

1000 0С (1830 0F)

 0,42 (2,91)      0,44 (3,05)          0,42 (2,98)

1200 0С (2190 0F)

 0,59 (4,09)      0,61 (4,23)          0,61 (4,23)

Fixing components and installation:

the standard tubes and yokes for all Pyro-Stack modules are ASTM 316 stainless steel, but higher grades of steel (ASTM 310 or Inconel 601) are available for more arduous service conditions. Studs are ASTM 304 stainless steel or of such higher grade which are warranted by the service conditions. Full details of the installation of all Morgan Thermal Ceramics modules are included in our Module installation Manual.

Availability and packaging:
Pyro-Stack modules are normally supplied as 305mm square and of thicknesses ranging from 100mm to 350mm, in 25mm increments. Other sizes, shapes and densities, including L-shaped modules can be made available on request. Pyro-Stack modules are delivered packed either in cartons 315mm square x 930mm long or on palleted jumbo cartons, 1250mm x 1110mm x 1100mm high (including pallet).