Thermal insulating paper based on ceramic fiber (insulation paper) is a highly sought-after material in conditions of energy savings tendency and improving the energy efficiency of equipment in all areas of industry. The insulating paper, introduced on our website, is produced by two leading companies in the high-temperature insulating products market: Luyang Unifrax Trading Company Limited (China) and Morgan Advanced Materials (EU). These companies produce the thermal insulating paper (heat-resistant paper) and heat-insulating gaskets of the highest quality, using the innovative technologies and modern equipment. Accordingly, the product proved itself to work well, solving a lot of technical issues concerning the insulation of production equipment, being in a constant contact with high temperatures.

Thermal insulating paper application is as follows: heat shields, electrically insulating and thermal insulating pads (heat-insulating gaskets), fire protection items, etc., as well as a thermal insulation of steel ladles and molds.

The main properties of heat-resistant paper are: excellent resistance to thermal shocks and thermal cycling, low thermal conductivity, low density, high tensile strength, simple installation, precise dimensions, etc.

Heat-resistant paper based on ceramic fibers is an alternative to obsolete materials based on basalt fibers, asbestos, etc., having comparatively higher thermal and physical properties. Taking into account the competitive price of insulating paper, this product is indispensable in many technical issues.