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Refractory mix TRI-MOR ALCOAT

Refractory mix TRI-MOR ALCOAT

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Alcoat is a high alumina refractory mix designed to coat refractory surfaces in contact with aluminium alloys. The wash is totally nonwetted by alloys and prevents build up of dross. It is supplied ready mixed and is applied by brushing.

For molten aluminium applications where corundum growth protection is required and also the easy removal of dross.

Features and benefits:
ready mixed material which has excellent resistance to aluminium metal penetration and corundum resistance. Can be diluted with water.

Installation method:

Instructions for use:
Alcoat is supplied ready for use and can be applied with a brush. It can be applied to the surfaces of fired or unfired refractories, insulation materials and cast iron. It is supplied ready mixed. Use neat, applying 2 coats, allowing drying between applications.

Data sheet:
prepared using EN BSI and ISO standard Methods.

store in a dry place, off the ground and, when possible, with the original shrink wrapping intact.

ensure that the surface to be coated is dust free. Avoid leaving open to the air as the coating will dry out.

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