Refractory blanket MAFTEC

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Refractory blanket MAFTEC is made from pure mullite fibre only, needled on both sides, and contains no binder or other added constituent. It can be used at continuous operating temperatures up to 1600 0C, under oxidizing, neutral or slightly gas-rich conditions, retaining its original toughness, strength and soft, fibrous structure after extended use at this temperature. MAFTEC BLANKET is more resistant to acid and alkaline solutions than conventional alumino-silicate fibre blankets. Being virtually free of shot, it has exceptionally good thermal insulation characteristics.

Refractory fibre blanket.

Maximum continuous use temperature:
1600 0C.

The maximum continuous use temperature depends on the application. In case of doubt, refer to your local Morgan Thermal Ceramics distributor for advice.

• because of its microcrystalline structure, MAFTEC BLANKET is suited for continuous operation at 1600 0C;
• very low thermal conductivity;
• very low shrinkage at 1600 0C;
• resistant to thermal shock;
• MAFTEC BLANKET is ideal for the manufacturing of modular blocks because it remains soft up to 1600 0C;
• good sound absorption;
• high strength make it easy to handle and prevents tearing or punching around anchors;
• chemically stable and free of corrosive agents;
• low heat storage.

• furnace and kiln lining (heat treatment, ceramic fast firing, petroleum and chemical);
• high temperature gaskets;
• furnace door seals;
• high temperature filter media.

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