Quality of refractory mixes and concretes used for lining is very important to achieve a high level of energy efficiency of thermal equipment. It directly affects on the energy savings, the equipment durability, the production figures, including the product quality and others. The main indicators of the quality of refractory mixture and refractory concrete are: the high resistance to thermal shock, low thermal conductivity, strength, resistance to various aggressive environments and materials, and others. Due to high quality requirements, our company applies and offers the refractory mixes made by leading foreign companies. The purchasing power of our customers is taken into account as well. We are able to offer excellent prices keeping high quality. We can offer the world's largest manufacturers of refractory mixes as well as smaller companies, having its own advantages. More detailed information about the manufacturers and the products can be found in the relevant sections (see above). Be noted that these sections do not include all refractory mixes our company can supply. Generally, our technical department makes an individual selection of refractory mixes for funaces and other materials (for example heat-resistant concrete) due to the customer's inquiry. Therefore, if you have any questions, please, contact our company experts.