Refractory glue ТИ-1К-А

Price: on request
* the minimum amount is 15 kg.

Refractory glue ТИ-1К-А is single-component, self-hardening composite mix, that consists of inorganic elements, and with additives based on metal oxides.

ТИ-1К-А is light yellow suspension.

Classification temperature:
Operating temperature is 1150 0C.

This refractory glue has perfectly proved in Ukraine market and is intended:
• as a direct refractory glue for gluing various refractories, including burner blocks and ceramic products;
• as a masonry mortar for firebricks, during burner lining of various types and thermal equipment;
• as a material used for repair work on various types of thermal equipment such as repairing a damaged lining;
• glue density is  1,35-1,5 g/cm3.

There are no special health, safety, and environment requirements during working with glues, because the material is non-flammable, non-explosive and non-toxic. The glue has high anti-corrosion properties, which does not require additional use of a primer. It is used in acid, alkaline and neutral environments. Work with refractory glue ТИ-1К-А is carried out in areas where the air temperature can vary from +5 0C to +60 0C, and humidity is not more than 85%. Stir the glue thoroughly before use. The material can be applied with a brush or trowel, and spraying with a pulverizer is also possible. Spraying involves the dilution of refractory glue with warm, filtered water, but not more than 5% of the volume. The surface for applying glue must be dry and defatted, should also be cleaned of contaminants. Accordance with coating thickness, the glue ТИ-1К-А can be applied in one or more coats of one millimetre each. The next coat of refractory glue is applied after the previous coat has dried. The drying of the glue is approximately one day, considering the ambient temperature of about 20 ± 2 0C. Complete hardening of the glue occurs after 72 hours. The drying of the glued surfaces can be reduced by chemical or thermal methods. The glue can be used within six months (warranty period) from the date of delivery.

Refractory glue can be bought packaged in containers of 15 kg and barrels of 60 kg.