Blanket МКРР-130-CIP

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Blanket МКРР-130-CIP is a heat-insulating material, which is made from high-quality raw materials and modern equipment. The material has good thermophysical properties and a wide range of application in various industries. МКРР-130-CIP has a low thermal conductivity at high temperatures. The shrinkage of the material is not more than 3%. It is not exposed to heat drops, perfectly tolerates thermal shocks. It is flexible and easy to install. It is subject to multiple use (assembly-disassembly). It is not cracking during assembly and dismantling, thanks to the production line in which the blanket is sewn with its own fibres. The presence of a bead is significantly less than in a similar МКРР-130. Also, МКРР-130-CIP blankets have a low heat capacity. These mats correspond to GOST and are non-flammable materials.


Sizes: thickness, width, length, mm

25 х 610 х 7320

rolled material from high-temperature heat-insulating fibre.

• low heat capacity;
• high resistance to temperature changes;
• excellent strength;
• compliance with the stated dimensions;
• effective sound absorption;
• durability at high temperatures is unchanged;
• easy and convenient mounting.

• energy;
• metallurgy;
• different type of furnace;
• thermal units;
• doors and dampers of furnaces and boilers;
• compaction of gaps;
• drying drums.

Main technical characteristics



Application temperature: maximum working





120 (+20%)

Coefficient of thermal conductivity at 500 0С (density 128 kg/m3)


< 0,153

Heat capacity at a temperature 1000 0С



Linear shrinkage after 24 hours of heating at a temperature 950 0С at a temperature 1000 0С at a temperature 1100 0С


< -3

An ultimate strength on a gap (128 kg/m3)


0,05 - 0,075

Chemical composition: Al2O3 SiO2


> 47 - 52
> 45 - 50

* the characteristics of blanket МКРР-130-CIP as a modern analogue of МКРР-130 are given. It is necessary to take into account the technical characteristics of the material, as well as after consulting with the "Inventum Ukraine" experts.