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Insulating Roof Blocks BV are a range of insulating refractory blocks designed for use in suspended flat roofs. Each block comprises two sections of JM IFB, securely bonded with mortar and with an included stainless steel support plate. Each block is machined to precise tolerances on all faces.

insulating roof blocks.

Classification temperature:

JM 26 - 1430 0С
JM 28 - 1540 0С
JM 30 - 1650 0С

The maximum continuous use temperature depends on the application. In case of doubt, refer to your local Morgan Thermal Ceramics distributor for advice.


• good thermal insulation: the light weight and low thermal conductivity of the JM IFB precursors allow for the construction of thinner roof  insulation with reduced heat losses and hence lower operating costs.
• low thermal mass: the light weight of the blocks means the heat absorbed by the furnace structure is greatly reduced, leading to lower fuel consumption, especially in intermittent and batchfiring kilns.
• simplified engineering: flat roofs eliminate lateral stresses and allow for simpler and lighter supporting brick and steelwork. They also eliminate the need to special brick shapes, such as arches and wedges.
• easy installation: flat roofs are much simpler and quicker to install than are traditional arches and do not need specialized bricklaying skills. They also lend themselves to modular prefabrication, further reducing onsite installation time and labour costs.
• low maintenance costs: roof repairs and block replacement can be carried out without necessarily shutting down the furnace, so reducing maintenance time and costs.
• accurate dimensions: morgan Thermal Ceramics insulating roof blocks are manufactured to close dimensional tolerances, giving uniform construction with tight mortar free joints.

insulating roof blocks are intended mainly for use as the hot-face layer in the roofs of furnaces, replacing classic arch roofs in tunnel and other kilns.


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