Refractory fiber (ceramic fiber)

Ceramic fiber, like other insulating materials presented at our company’s website, is a perfect product. It is made by market leaders, engaged in high-temperature materials, - Luyang Unifrax Trading Company Limited (PRC) and Morgan Advanced Materials (EU) companies, which use only high quality raw materials. Modern technologies and equipment are used in ceramic fiber production, which also pass strict quality control. Due to this the refractory fiber possesses high thermophysical and energy-saving properties.

The main properties of material (ceramic fiber) are as follows: resistance to heat shocks and chemicals, low heat conductivity and specific heat capacity, as well as refractory fiber provides good sound absorption and high temperature stability.

Refractory fiber is applied as a shotcrete for furnaces, a filling for divided cavities of boilers, as well as in manufacturing of insulating shaped pieces, in repairing of fibrous laying and many others.

This insulating material (ceramic fiber) outstrips similar conventional refractory materials in all technical characteristics. And thanks to the acceptable price, the material has found wide application in many industries around the world, where the issue of energy efficiency of production is raised.