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Heat-proof, energy-efficient (long-term preservation and heat recovery) and durable material is often used in the construction of thermal plants in production as well as in private construction.

refractory chamotte board.

Maximum temperature:
up to 1690 0C.

• the distinctive design of molded chamotte material ША 94 retains a yellowish tint, a smooth, full-bodied board with a weight of 16,7 kilograms;
• chamotte board ША 94 in the form of a rectangle has technical parameters in millimeters: length is 460, width is 230, height is 75;
• the mechanical strength is 10-12 MPa, and the limit number of compressive strength is 15 N/mm2;
• the thermal conductivity level of board 94 is 0,6 - 0,7 W/mK;
• degree of refractory resistance not lower than 1690 0C at the temperature of the softening point to 1300 0C;

• the percentage (not less than 30%) of aluminium oxide content in the raw material composition remains constant;
• resistance in high humidity conditions is only 7% of the moisture absorption of the refractory chamotte board.

Excellent construction material with high refractory qualities, chamotte board ША 94, is mainly used in laying the internal surfaces of heating structures, where there is direct contact with an open fire. ША 94 is rather resistant to permanent heating, temperature changes and impact of combustion products.