Refractory mixes Allied Mineral ProductsAllied Mineral Products the world leader in development and production of monolithic refractory materials and finished products.

Allied Mineral Products private company (it is founded in 1961), all staff of the company work for result. Refractory mixes Allied Mineral Products are sold in 85 countries of the world, 40 people are engaged in developments (laboratory). Direct representations are in Japan and Australia. All plants are constructed on company funds, work with 15-20 products, individual approach to each client, work "turnkey".

Raw materials:
• bauxites;
• magnesites;
• zirconium;
• silicon carbide;
• quartzite;
• mullite.

Types of materials:
• dry stuffed masses;
• concrete with the ultra-low content of cement;
• low-cement concrete;
• self-flowing concrete;
• flexible masses;
• gunning masses.

• foundry production;
• ferrous metallurgy;
• aluminum smelting;
• heat treatment;
• industrial production;
• connected products;
• finished annealed products.

Areas of application materials:
• induction crucible furnaces;
• induction channel ovens;
• furnaces of gas heating;
• last furnaces;
• cupolas furnaces;
• shaft furnaces;
• buckets and metal transfer systems;
• electric arc furnaces;
• coke furnaces;
• heat treatment furnaces;
• roasting furnaces;
• combustion furnaces;
• vacuum furnaces.

At plant in Holland (the plant is founded in 2004, turns out products since 2011) 17 sales managers, 7 specialists in customs, 8 engineers work for two engineering centers. All initial materials receive in bags 25 kg, for more exact mixing of concrete (selection of granules is taken from several bags of different fractions a special pipe-otbornikom at once). Temperature regime of use materials till 1800 ˚С.

The name of refractory mixes Allied Mineral Products is subdivided by the way of their laying on:
• Matriflo (used for furnaces for smelting aluminum, high-magnesia furnaces, additives, accelerators for setting, fiber);
• Qvicfaer (anhydrous material, a phosphate binder is added, gel-like, used for the old lining ligament);
• Metalroke (used in thermal furnaces, ultra-high strength, ultra-high fiber content (10%));
• Imamah (used in loading windows, clinker aluminum furnaces).

The main raw materials for production of concrete are brought from China, South Africa and Latin America.

The main ranges of application of concrete in:
• blast furnaces;
• domain air heaters;
• systems of hot blast;
• foundry production;
• cupola furnaces;
• power engineering (lining of boilers);
• cement industry;
• aluminum production.