Refractory felt CERAFELT

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Cerafelt TM is an insulating refractory felt, obtained by hot pressing. It is made from Cerachem fibres, bonded with an organic binder which begins to burn out at 180°C. This special binder makes Cerafelt particularly suitable for die-cutting operations. Semi rigid, it is neither brittle nor dusty. Cerafelt optimizes the manufacture of complex, die-cut shapes to close tolerances. With a choice from eight densities and seven thicknesses, Cerafelt offers a grade to suit most requirements. Made from chemically stables fibres, lightweight and very insulating, Cerafelt is a multi-purpose product.

refractory fibre felt.

Classification temperature:
1320 0C

The maximum continuous use temperature depends on the application. In case of doubt, refer to your local Morgan Thermal Ceramics distributor for advice.

• wide range of densities: eight grades from 48kg/m3 up to 384kg/m3;
• high temperature resistance;
• very low thermal conductivity;
• particularly suited to cutting operations (with saw, water jet or by stamping);
• flexible or semi-rigid, depending on density selected;
• chemically stable;
• high sound absorption properties;
• precise thicknesses;
• resistant to thermal shock;
• low heat storage.

• High temperature gaskets
• Expansion joints for furnace, kiln and boiler linings
• Die cut shapes for domestic appliances
• Thermal barrier media
• Insulating thermal break

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