A blanket (mat) made of ceramic fiber (fireproof blankets) is a versatile product, designed to solve a variety of technical problems associated with lining and insulation of equipment at production. During ceramic fiber mats manufacturing (insulating mats), the fiber is passed through a special needle-punched machine in a perpendicular direction. This method enables to produce solid ceramic fiber mats (insulating mats) with specified densities and thicknesses. After that, the insulating mats undergo the thermal processing to exclude the organic matter and reduce the material shrinkage under the operating temperatures influence. These insulating mats are manufactured by two world-famous companies - Morgan Advanced Materials (EU) and Luyang Unifrax Trading Company Limited (PRC). Their products are in great demand and popularity due to the highest quality, excellent thermophysical characteristics, that outrun the characteristics of outdated standard products (basalt and mineral wool mats, etc.), and competitive prices.

The above manufacturing process provides the insulating mats (ceramic blanket) with the following properties: low thermal conductivity and heat capacity, resistance to sharp temperature fluctuations, stable density, large range of dimensions and thicknesses, simple installation, resistance of recrystallization fibers and other properties.

The main applications of ceramic fiber mats are lining of the furnaces and other variable thermal equipment, insulation of boilers, flues, turbines, steam and pipelines, welding seams, as well as fire protection systems and all kinds of sealings and others.

Specified properties of ceramic blankets enable their successful application, solving the issues concerning the energy-efficient operation of thermal equipment and units at the industrial enterprises. And the affordable competitive price of insulating mats enables to get the leading positions in the Ukrainian market of insulation materials.