Refractory bonded fabrics

Refractory bonded fabrics based on ceramic fibers is a great innovative product that has a homogeneous structure with a very low content of non-fibrous components.  It enables to solve the issues of lining and thermal insulation in the harshest environments in a unique way. Bonded fabrics (refractory fiber) is made by Morgan Advanced Materials (EU), using exclusively high-quality raw materials and modern technologies based on the highest quality standards.

This bonded fabrics (refractory fiber) is applied in many industries in order to contain the heat flow (for example, in the production of cast iron, steel, ceramics, etc.).

Bonded fabrics (refractory fiber) has a number of excellent properties: it holds back abrasive effect of gas flow due to its high density - up to 240 kg/m3 in an uncompressed state; material becomes rigid and similar to the refractory ceramic fiber board during firing; its non-transparency - prevents infrared radiation; possibility to get complex shapes for lining and thermal insulation (from rectangular to rounded) and others.

The unique properties of the refractory bonded fabrics based on ceramic fibers enable to apply them in the lining and thermal insulation of modern industrial equipment in order to improve the energy savings and durability of this equipment.