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Chamotte brick ША 92 is part of the high-temperature materials group with increased weight and specific geometry. These characteristics have their advantages in the special field of construction masonry in the furnaces (bogie-type hearth borders). The strength and resistance of the ША 92 are constant in conditions of temperature about 1700 degrees Celsius, its sudden changes and duration. The material's ability to store and release heat energy remains stable.

Refractory brick ША 92 is made by the well-known step-by-step process of baking refractory clays with the high content of aluminium oxide, evaporating moisture to a technological minimum.
Refractory chamotte boarded brick of the bogie-type hearth

Classification temperature:
temperature maximum within 1700 0C.

• brick ША 92 is full-bodied, homogeneous sandy color (no signs of dark tint);
• the thermal conductivity is 0,6-0,7 W/m*K;
• the indicator of mechanical strength is 10-12 MPa;
• 30% free porosity;
• at long-term working temperatures, the additional linear shrinkage of ША 92 is only 0.8%;
• not less than 30% aluminum oxide in the material composition influences the strength properties of refractory bricks ША 92;
• it is inert to environments with high humidity, the percentage of moisture absorption not exceeding 7%.

Having a special geometry, the chamotte brick ША 92 is preferably used for masonry inside the borders bogie-type hearth furnaces.