Chamotte board

Chamotte boards are popular refractory production, widely represented for industrial applications and for domestic construction of small heat plants. The refractory chamotte board mostly consists of mineral raw materials such as refractory clay with enough concentration of aluminum oxide. The manufacturing technology for this type of board provides the stages of forming, drying, burning at a temperature of 1500 0C with maximum moisture removal, improving the physicochemical properties at the stage of aging and gradual cooling.

The relatively impressive weight and size of the refractory chamotte moulded board have their priorities in the construction process time-saving. Rapid installation is also facilitated by the rectangular shape and the high strength smooth material texture.

Advantages and characteristics of chamotte boards:
excellent durability quality products in variable high temperature conditions (up to 1600 0C);
low thermal conductivity;
the active accumulation of heat and its gradual release;
resistance to the destruction of this type boards from the effects of combustion products, chemical stressors, and moisture;
long-term durability.

To summarize the characteristics, it can be considered that chamotte boards are also in demand in the household field, small workshops (porcelain, glass-blowing) and in the industry (in metallurgy, chemical production, etc.).