Materials based on ceramic fibers (refractory boards, mats, modular blocks, etc.) are the most common and effective products to conduct the insulation and lining of the high-temperature equipment. An important point during installation of these materials is the way they are fastened.  After all, in case if the fasteners are of low-quality, not only the products, but the equipment itself can become out-of-use. Our company suggests that usage of the European insulation and lining fasteners (refractory anchors) would solve this issue.  The proposed fasteners (refractory fasteners) are produced by companies that are specialized in these items production. During manufacturing processes these companies use innovative equipment and observe the strict quality control. Accordingly, the fasteners (refractory anchors) have exceptional refractory properties, far exceeding the properties of the standard items, and meet the highest quality standards.

The main features and advantages of refractory fasteners are high resistance to high temperatures, variety of dimensions and shapes (insulation fasteners are available for any specific technical task), simple installation, reduced labor costs, durability and others.

Refractory fasteners are actually used for mounting any insulating refractory materials (mats, boards, modules and others).

Thus, the insulation fasteners (refractory anchors) are indispensable for assembly works concerning the industrial equipment lining and insulation.