TSM Ceramic liquid insulation of new generation. Liquid ceramic insulation (warm paint) is an absolutely unique European product, which is effectively used as an insulation of industrial equipment and building structures. TSM Ceramic composition includes the hollow ceramic spheres which impart the basic insulating features and a white color to the liquid insulation. Acrylic and latex serve as binding materials, and provide high performance properties of liquid ceramic insulation. Advanced technologies and modern equipment are used during production, which provide the product with excellent thermal properties, superior to similar materials in this market.

The main properties of liquid insulation TSM Ceramic are: high anticorrosive effect, low coefficient of thermal conductivity; the material is environmentally friendly and durable, easy to use and others.

Warm paint TSM Ceramic is applied in construction for buildings and metal structures insulation. If necessary to get a certain color of the liquid ceramic insulation, it is enough to add the desired color (the product can have any color according to the RAL system). Also TSM Ceramic is used for insulation of pipelines, tanks and reservoirs in production.

Therefore, a warm paint is an indispensable innovative material for carrying out a variety of insulation works in industrial and construction fields.