Heat-resistant glue is a modern universal material for assembly works using refractory products (mats, boards, paper, textiles, bricks, etc.).

High-temperature glue (refractory glue) is used in a variety of works concerning the lining and insulation, as well as in the production of boilers and other high-temperature equipment.

The properties of heat-resistant glue are as follows: application temperature up to 1250 0C, resistance to temperature fluctuations, simple application, chemical composition stability, completely finished form, etc.

Due to the excellent thermophysical characteristics and low price, the refractory glue displaces the standard outdated high-temperature materials. Therefore, many manufacturers of thermal equipment use this product in their production and repairing on an ongoing basis.

It is important to distinguish between: refractory glue for furnaces and fireplaces (used, as an example,  for masonry of refractory bricks) that can withstand temperatures up to +1250 0C and refractory glue for tiles, its temperature range is slightly lower from +250 0C to +500 0C, as facing tiles do not heat more than +200 0C.

The main difference of the refractory glue for furnaces remains the maintenance of working qualities under conditions of high temperatures and their fluctuations. In accordance with its chemical compound, such a heat-resistant glue may consist of natural components (kaolin, sand) and with synthetic additives (they improve thermostatic properties). In most cases, the reinforcement component consists of chamotte fibres that create a rigid connection.

Heat-resistant glue for tiles is also fire-resistant, waterproof, and most importantly, figurable  (elastic), due to which reliably strengthens the structure of the masonry after hardening, ensuring the preservation of the structure from faults and cracks for a long time.

Refractory glue for furnaces and tiles is perfectly combined with refractory types of bricks. Such high-temperature glue is easy to apply, quickly dries out, contributing to strength gluing of surfaces.