Refractory glue

High-temperature glue (refractory mixes) is a modern universal material for assembly works using refractory products (mats, boards, paper, textiles, bricks, etc.).

High-temperature glue (refractory mixes) is used in a variety of works concerning the lining and insulation, as well as in the production of boilers and other high-temperature equipment.

The properties of high-temperature glue (refractory glue) are as follows: application temperature up to 1260 ºC, resistance to temperature fluctuations, simple application, chemical composition stability, completely finished form, etc.

Due to the excellent thermophysical characteristics and low price, the refractory glue (refractory mixes) displaces the standard outdated high-temperature materials. Therefore, many manufacturers of thermal equipment use this product in their production and repairing on an ongoing basis.