Refractory brick ША 44

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Refractory brick ША 44 has high strength specifications, fire resistance and durability. Cone-shaped or wedge-shaped (ribbed wedge), it is ideally suited for geometrically aged masonry of arches and rounded domes. To buy refractory brick ША 44 is a good choice in a wide selection of building refractory items.

chamotte refractory brick.

Classification temperature:
maximum temperature up to 1800 0C, softening point under unit load 0,2 N/mm2 is 1300 0C.

• chamotte brick ША 44 is ribbed wedge, solid with a smooth texture, sandy yellow color with granular inclusions, has a relatively small mass and weighs 3 kg 300 grams;
• universal size of brick ША 44 length is 230 mm, width is 114 mm, height is 65 and 55 mm) improves the production process of masonry this refractory material;
• having a mechanical strength of 10-12 MPa, ША 44 will make a clear sound on impact, it can split, but not crumble;
• the effective porosity of chamotte brick ША 44 is no more than 30%;
• the thermal conductivity of chamotte brick ША 44 ranges from 0,6 to 0,7 W/mK;
• chemical-mineral composition with the major component content of aluminum oxide from 30 to 45% (but not less than 30%) provides the strength of the product to counteract aggressive chemicals in the burning products;
• ША 44 retains its water-resistant qualities, not exceeding 7% of water absorption;
• refractory brick ША 44 counteracts formation of a salt deposit and growth of a fungus mold.

With its increased thermal conductivity and thermal inertia, the refractory brick ША 44 remains in demand and effective in construction and industry.