Our company offers a wide range of refractory textile products based on ceramic fiber - a fireproof fabric, a refractory cord of square and round sections, a tape, etc. During the heat-resistant fabrics (refractory fabric) production, only high-quality raw materials and modern equipment are used, so that the obtained product enables to solve effectively the set of tasks during the assembly and repair works concerning the industrial equipment lining and high-temperature insulation.

The properties of refractory textile products are based on ceramic fiber are high strength of heat-resistant fabrics, insignificant thermal conductivity, precise dimensions, long period of operation, weakly prone to erosion, flame, acids and oils, etc.

The advantages of refractory products (refractory textile products), presented on our website, enable to use them as efficiently as possible in the production of furnaces, boilers, pipes, cables, as well as the fire protection systems, etc.

Due to its innovative characteristics combined with an affordable price, the refractory textile based on ceramic fiber (fireproof fabric, refractory cord, etc.) are an excellent alternative to obsolete asbestos-containing products and materials based on a basalt fiber.