Refractory concrete LCF 798A

Price: on request

LCF 798A is an andalusite-based, low moisture castable designed for ferrous and non-ferrous refractory applications. This product is well suited for use in molten metal contact applications; such as tundish linings, ladle linings, launder systems and non-ferrous channel furnace uppercases. LCF 798A is also ideal for refractory shapes, covers, combustion systems, heat treatment furnaces and other heat containment applications. The excellent thermal shock resistance of the andalusite aggregate makes this an excellent material to pre-cast burner blocks. This formula is not for pumping; use LCF798A PUMP for that requirement.

This product offers the following benefits and features:
• excellent volume stability;
• organic fiber addition to minimize dryout time;
• outstanding thermal shock resistance.

Product information:
• material required 2,64 g/cm3;
• grain size 8 mm and finer;
• maximum practical use temperature 1705 0C;
• installation method: casting/vibration.

Packaging information:
• 25 kg (55 lb) multi-wall paper bags;
• bulk bag packaging available upon request;
• shelf life, storage beyond 24 months not recommended. Store in a dry location to avoid moisture pickup.