This group of products includes refractories, which are rarely used by our customers, but in some cases they are the most profitable for usage. For instance, the refractory fiber has excellent refractory properties and is perfect for filling the various voids, as well as for mixtures made on the basis of refractory fiber. The refractory felt is often used for hewed forms production, the refractory hardener - to increase the wear resistance of refractories based on ceramic fiber, the refractory bonded fabrics - to keep the heat flow. Refractory shaped products fittings require separate consideration. These items are high-tech, they are used for thermal insulation and lining of various heat equipment, can be manufactured in various forms, have excellent thermophysical characteristics and can be applied up to 1600 degrees Celsius. Be noted that this section does not include all refractories our company can supply. Therefore, if you have any questions, please contact our experts who will make the appropriate calculations, select the necessary materials and equipment, and provide the technical and commercial offer. More detailed information about properties and applications of the above mentioned refractories can be found in the description of specific product sections (see above).