Refractory blankets Morgan Advanced MaterialsThe specialists of the world-known company Morgan Advanced Materials have developed high-tech refractory blankets to solve multifaceted problems connected with high temperatures.

There are blankets:
• Kaowool®, Cerablanket®, Cerachem®, and Cerachrome® are based on refractory ceramic fibers (RCF) or alumina silicate wool composition (ASW) with a possible temperature limit up to 1425 0С;

• is based on biologically dissoluble fiber Superwool with a classification temperature of 1300 0С;

• is based on polycrystalline fiber (PCW) composition, when blankets can withstand a maximum temperature up to 1600 0С.

It is worth to mention the refractory blankets Maftec Blanket of microcrystalline structure without binding materials and additives with the ability of continuous operation in the temperature conditions of 1600 0С.

High temperature ceramic fiber blankets are lightweight, durable, integral, energy-efficient and resistant to rapid temperature changes. So Kaowool is an elastic material with constant density and working temperature of 1260 0С, Cerablanket is durable within the limits of 1260-1315 0С, and Cerachem and Cerachrome are stably resistant to chemically aggressive environments, are capable of working at 1425 0С.

Superwool blankets with lower thermal conductivity (improvement in insulation performance for 20%) compared to RCF.

SuperwoolXTRA blankets of biologically dissoluble fiber and properties of low accumulation in the organism. Temperature class is 1450 0С, strong resistance to pollutants, low shrinkage provides an alternative in replacement of Cerachem blanket. The material is removed from the carcinogen classification in Europe.

Thermo-insulating refractory blankets are widely used in petrochemistry, metallurgy, in production of electricity, cement, ceramics, glass, in automobile manufacturing, in the equipment of household appliances.

Also, company Morgan Advanced Materials makes a series of FireMaster® blankets, it is a number of modern fire-prevention materials.